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I am Dale Lee Gordon, former criminal and once a servant of Satan I gave my heart to Jesus Christ LORD and Savior of my life.  I am the same person Robert Scott wrote about in his book "Kill or be Killed."  I survived over eight and a half years of prison's nightmare.  AMEN

I am here to tell you GOD is good both in season and out of season, in good times and in bad times, because in the end GOD will see you through whatever crisis you are facing.
A month or so ago I met a woman in church who was hurting bad.  She was very broken down and it was over her husband.  He was a former law enforcement agent who said "no" to Jesus Christ. This is a personal thing now, because one of my best friends from the United States Marine Corps works inside of hell's gates.  He went to great lengths to find me, but when he did what happened surprised him.  I had given my life to Jesus Christ and he did not know how to react other than with silence!  Hear the silence is broken!!!
I created Law Enforcement for Christ years ago as one of many other sites I later dropped.  For a while I decided that I had too much information and that it needed to be in books:  One day I may drop them again but that all depends.  What I want to explain is that I am on Law Enforcement's side.  I lived lawlessly and righteously and the law of love, what I learned, is far more powerful than the law of hate.  Just seeing, the coward he is; Todd Jessie Garton's prison mug shot with beard and bald head is the face of evil I never want nor wanted to be.  

I realize now after years of Christianity I still get no forgiveness from certain law enforcement, including one rather cold law enforcement pastor, that you can't change.  [I love Steve actually I love them both now.  I had to have a real change in my life and I realize I must be more loving.]  I am here to tell you I love you so much and that is all forms of law enforcement including Boarder Patrol.  You don't have to love me and that is not what I expect but rather please forgive me.  I don't know what to write to you or speak to you other than when I was 19 I stood at the gate of Lower MEF Camp at night with 30 rounds in my M16A2 Service Rifle with a jungle in front of me I wasn't a kid anymore.  The NPA was out there and I didn't know what to expect.  Our ammo, bayonets, and body armor, was on another ship because some butter bar thought he was wiser than us enlisted.  I know I heard explosions off in the distance and no fear of prison, inmates, or locking steel doors can ever produce fear like that.  

Every time I hear sirens I pray for law enforcement.  I pray for all first responders.  I know police men and women everyday just like in combat; don't know from one day to the next if they will return to their families.  It seems every time I go to the GNRM (Mission) here in Redding people are bad mouthing the police.  I get so sick of hearing it.  I want to rebuke them for saying such evil of police.  Police aren't bad.  They do a job that a lot of times they probably would rather not do.  I know you don't go home and laugh at the homeless or get off because you locked up a man sleeping under a tree.  We, and I include myself, made our fair share of mistakes which put us into the situations that we are in now.  I can't change the past, I can change the right now, and my future is in God's hand's.

Right now I am stuck in the mud and after thrashing and beating at this slick goo I can't move forward.  The point I am in right now is such a point that only God can move me out of.  No amount of work, money, love, or studies can get me out of the self hell I have created.  Perhaps you too are stuck.  Perhaps a sound marriage failed, money fails, health of the job gives out, or we lost the oval office for the last eight years and you couldn't do your job.  BLM has put a hit on you and it pisses me off.  You are just trying to do your job but your job has become hell.  Yes I know there are bad cops but if you were a bad cop you may not be reading this not unless you want a change.  

Well right now I am running out of time and I can't edit all this.  I know my speech is crass.  I speak as a US Marine because next to reading the King James cover to cover many times I survived some serious trials.  I know what keeps me alive, and yes a little metal music would help but I fear listening to any of that old music as there could be demons embedded into the lyrics.  I don't know if God can cleanse any of that old music but there are times I sure do miss it.  I know I like to stay alive and with energy and right now it's Klove and Air1.  I'm tired and I'm mad but like you I face battles all the time myself.  I know you would like to think for a man like me its all peaches and cream but it is not.  Much of it is the battlefield for my own mind.  I have to fight my own sanity, which despite my medications, a lot of times is in question.  It seems when dealing with people a lot of times I cannot discern good from evil.  I like to look beyond the bad and see the good in a person, and it is a snare to my soul.  I am sorry for my sins against so many police, my victims, that thank God were never harmed, countless man hours; not to mention money spent trying to convict evil Todd.  This is my love letter to you.  I don't have time to read on and edit more.  Tonight it is 11:13 pm and the Marine Corps birthday which I was unable to celebrate.  (That is November 10th, 2017.)   I have a little more time but there is so much more to do.  I will sign off here.  If you dare to read on do so at your own risk to feelings and or sanity since at the time of writing this I may have been mentally ill.  

I love you.  

Dale Lee Gordon 

I created PACT Redding in late 2009.  I announced it at one of our pact meetings and it went over about as well as the guest visit to the lions den right after Daniel's first night stay with them.  While Daniel had rest sleeping in the comfort of the warm shaggy fur of the lions, P.A.C.T. Redding was about as offensive as a full on Jesus Freak in the middle of the Dome of the Rock with a ghetto blaster turned all the way up to the tune of "Mary Did You Know?"  

I know a lot of things and while I was once pawned off as a fool and the gavel swung with the verdict "GUILTY!"  I too was thrown into a lion's den and I think a lot of people, perhaps some authorities included, decided surely this is the end of Dale Lee Gordon.  Gates slammed shut and time wore on and so did my beloved King James 1611 Bible as I wore many Bibles out.  People wondered, some prayed, many others preyed Satan laughed and rejoiced.  Many mocked, some saying why doesn't he fight back?  As I ate my own teeth at a time I believe I was set up in thoughts we will get him now, truth and GOD's Word prevailed.  I said "GOD bless you" to an evil satanic inmate.  It robbed his power and I stood up with plenty of blood on my face, walked between the inmates who stood guard and approved my execution, and went and did the impossible once again.  I told the truth and it got me out of what would have been my death sentence in Jamestown State Prison.  (Romans 10:13)  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

While Satan rejoiced, it was a dream of mine to one day preach and more than that a vow to GOD Almighty.  There are reasons no one knows and now I will tell of them.  I made a vow to GOD to be a preacher for Him.  It was freedom's last night ever back in 1998.  I told God not even knowing who he was, "If you get me through this, I will be a preacher for you."  This was a prophecy fulfillment sealing the words of the P.K. Penny Fisher.  At my eight grade graduation she sounded off, "Dale Lee Gordon will be a preacher."  The crowd laughed hysterically, thinking the atheist "never" but there was silence in heaven...

While some people say there are bad people in law enforcement I say, "Not so!"  I love and forgive even those who I believe may have set me up in Jamestown.  Praise GOD!  Looking back (I'm updating this March 23, 2014.) no one set me up except evil inmates.  The Correctional Officers or someone else took out the articles about me in the Record Searchlite newspaper.  I just find it impossible to believe any Correctional Officer meant me harm.  The problem is we as citizens tend to believe that someone because they are in a position of authority is bad because they rule over us.  I have been ruled over all my life in the Marine Corps and in prison.  Praise GOD because one day we will have a king to reign over us and that KING is Jesus Christ.  Now I bless every law enforcement officer not just because I want them to remember me but because I love them and I pray for them.   amen

Over the time period of April and May 2010 the law enforcement officers were all extremely kind to me. They treated me with respect and dignity as I was facing tremendous hardships in my life.  They were kind but dealt in honor and decency.  I later wrote a letter to Redding Police Department thanking them for their good service and included a prayer.  I saw it is time to start respecting those in authority and pray for them and give them respect making their jobs easier.  

On a further note:  My serious mental illness has often reduced me to a point of being down sydrome.  It is hard to write well and do anything inspirational at all when in these poor states of mind.  In addition to that just dealing with folks like Pastor Brock ripping me off for ten's of thousands causes a new pain I live with every single day of my life.  I went from being a US Marine, and eventually had a job working for the US Forest Service to being seriously handicapped.  Please keep this in mind that my mental state has been severely reduced to say the least.  While I personally take the blame from my crime, mental illness has not helped me at all.  Just so you know I take my medication now daily and will continue to do so.  

In all things I say Praise GOD for allowing Satan to get at me in the past!  

Dialog with a friend, proving myself as the guilty sinner.  

Thank you for the wonderful email. Times are getting very bad. Southern California votes in these ultra-liberal governors, senate, and congress members. They all hate God and they are making even harder on Christians. Be of good cheer though because it means the end is coming soon! I'm really not ready to be shipped off to a FEMA camp. If I am martyred that is one thing but to be tortured that would be hard.  

You know ***** I believe the road to heaven is narrow just as Jesus stated. So many people are into this Jesus thing for themselves, for power, self promotion and money. The time is right to be serving God with all our hearts. I think your ministry is good because you focus on God. I mean yes I was wife hunting for the longest time, but I think God wants us to serve him first. Also I want you to know I quit pornography many many years ago and I have never looked back. That site supernaturally, accidentally got erased. It had no solutions and offered no way out. I was serving two masters which was totally out of line. In dreams I was going to hell and I saw it as plain as day. I don't even have a desire for it anymore. It was God's fear that he allowed Satan to nearly kill me in a dream that forced in one of the worst nightmares of my life.  

There were other things going on too. It was like through all the insanity Satan used it to attack me. I was weak and though things were all my fault and I own up to those mistakes now. I should have realized Brock was a liar and would never pay me back except with evil. So many things in my life I was the guilty one. Owning up to my mistakes was hard and humbling. I am even attempting to forgive the evil ones in my life. When I should have turned right I turned down the devil's path and I later paid for it. All in all though God kept me a virgin for the last twenty years which I am very proud of: I know I lusted with my eyes which was in a way as Jesus described was just as wicked or perhaps even more wicked. I believe demons were invading my life and the biggest point of attack was through the pornography. I have repented and given my heart more to the LORD. I am still dealing with anger issues and an unholy tongue, and other areas I sin, but I try not to mock God anymore. I just can't keep blaming others for my mistakes. Sally was a huge error, and I should have put my foot down as I finally did and gotten away from her. Sadly enough this last summer the sin repeated as I let a single mother become my friend. She stole many things from me and it was my fault for not listening to good instinct. I know I have to forgive others like Kathy for destroying my car. I have to learn I can't help everyone especially those who don't respect help. Many people throughout my life gobbled me up and spit me out. There were so many mistakes on my behalf over the years. Sadly I lost a lot of very valuable time and money over this last 11 years. In prison I dealt with some very hard issues and I handled them with wisdom in order to not lose my soul. I believe I got complacent and lost my way after prison. In prison I faced many hard temptations but I passed that test. I know insanity didn't help and I didn't ask for it but I have to take God out of the judgment seat. What I did 20 years ago was wrong on a massive scale and I deserved all the years of hard bondage in prison. I reaped all the problems from the wicked seeds I sowed and it was all based on a fear of man and too much foolishness. Even the Bible described my foolish characteristic in Psalm 14:1 and 53:1. I was the fool who said "no God!" What I did, all my sins, were wicked as hell and I deserved eternal damnation in hell. It was my prayer that saved me even as an atheist in the midst of a wicked wicked crime that saved me. God heard my cry even as an unspoken prayer was in my head in a very bad night in Portland Oregon. God heard my cry as I spoke to him under the stars in my last night of freedom.  

God loves me and has given me HIS grace because there was no way I could earn it. It is God's love, and because of that love, God rescued me from hell. I deserve hell. In fact I don't deserve any goodness at all from God. I was a very wicked man and I even deserve the demonic possession I still live with even to this day. I look around in this house. It has problems, but there is food piled up all around because of God's blessings at the food banks. I have every Bible I need including the Bible DVD I just got in the mail today. I have time and I have money. It is not a lot after the tithes I pay to both Shamah's orphans and my web ministry. I am still waiting for the later rain but I know I am already blessed but I also believe the LORD wants to bless me more.

I stopped self condemnation especially after I realized that God does in fact forgive sins and that while he wants me to be a better steward next time, he is not mad at me. Its almost as if God forgot my sins as far as the east is from the west. I am realizing though I still have faults and they are bad that I am in fact a Christian. God is not condemning me. God forgave me. What I have to realize is that insanity, poverty, and the basest living is a blessing from God and not a curse. God truly loves me and has loved me through the storms of life. Amen.

I am thinking of putting this email on one of my websites. I can remove your name if you want, but I think I should use this as an example on how to experience a loving relationship with our Creator. In addition to this I want to pray for the salvation of all my enemies that they will experience a working relationship with Jesus as I believe I am doing now. Amen.  

Your friend,


Response from friend:

God often humbles us to get our attention and it worked with you. Praise God for that! And He'll keep you humble too as a way to keep down the sinning. God wants sin out of our lives and I see it all over the Bible but I often find that the average Christians have no clue what sin is. They know murder is sin but don't know lying is and fornication. I try to point everyone to the Bible as the ultimate source for the Christian. And thank God that He saves us even though we are sinners. Praise God for the victories over sin that you have had!  

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First off I am here to tell you I love you and I am sorry for my crime.  God loves you too.  I am here to tell you from being on the inside as a prisoner I know life's struggles.  I think that when I created this site I meant it for healing for you, but in the state of mind I was when I originally wrote this I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I don't know that I did this site in a way that glorifies God.  I tried my best but my best is not always enough.